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September 19th
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September 19th
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Spot the difference

September 19th
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The saddest part about a breakup is no longer having someone to send your cutest selfies to

September 18th
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My anaconda don’t want none unless you’re an emotionally stable person who is able to talk out problems instead of running away from them 

September 17th
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A Détacher Spring/Summer 2015 Beauty Details, NYFW.

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September 16th
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Yesterday I started writing a zine about everything that’s happened to me since May 10 this year - the day we walked away from each other. I feel like in the last four months I have changed completely. I never thought this is what 2014 would be like. My heart is broken but it’s also never felt so new or full. The zine will probably be a bit damning towards some of the boys it involves, but most of all I want to be honest and I want to share what it feels like to discover yourself after years of being stagnant. It’s such a cliche to say, but I think one day I’ll look back on 2014 and remember it as the year everything was born again.

September 15th
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I let myself have a gross wallowing day today and watched Celeste and Jesse Forever from the comfort of my bed. This song plays over the opening scene and it affected me in more ways I can say. I’m tired of the little heartbreaks

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September 15th
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September 15th
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September 15th
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